Are you a bride who’s wedding was postponed in 2020? Did you decide to bring your wedding dress home instead of leaving it at the bridal shop until your postponed wedding date? Did you already wear it at a smaller celebration and are waiting to wear it again at your larger celebration?

With so many weddings in 2020 having been postponed to 2021 or even 2022, couples are deciding to do different things. If you’ve already brought your wedding gown home from the bridal shop, we wanted to discuss how to properly hang and store your wedding dress.

Here are 8 tips on how to properly care for your dress:

1. Depending on the size of your dress, it may not fit in a closet so you may need to dedicate a room in your home to store your dress.

2. Store your wedding dress in a cloth garment bag instead of a plastic one, as plastic makes it difficult for the dress to breathe and contains chemicals that may stain the dress.

3. Every once in a while take the dress out of the bag, especially if you have a long train, so you can stretch it out. Drape the train over a high backed chair to prevent it from getting wrinkled. (*On a white dress, the tiniest speck of dust or dirt will easily show so make sure to cover it with a clean sheet when taking it out of the garment bag.)

4. When hanging the dress make sure it’s not touching the floor or any walls. If the dress is really heavy you may be better off laying it flat on a bed.

5. Use a heavy duty hanger so that your dress doesn’t loose its shape, such as a high quality silk padding hanger, to prevent any damage from happening to the sleeves or straps.

6. Make sure all the windows in the room you’ve chosen are closed and that activity in the room is kept to a minimum.

7. Store your dress in a room that’s between 15-24℃ (60-75℉) and avoid storing it in damp rooms such as an attic or basement.

8. Don’t forget to also properly hang your veil by using a veil storage clip.

These tips on how to hang and store your wedding dress will make sure your gown stays wrinkle-free and as stunning as the first day you brought it home. If you’re too nervous to hang your wedding dress at home, ask your local dry cleaners if they would be willing to store the dress for a fee or ask your bridal shop to hold onto it until your postponed wedding date. Make sure to also ask your bridal shop for tips on how they recommend you should hang and store your wedding dress at home.