With engagement season upon us, one of the first tasks you will need to do once you get engaged is create a guest list. Major planning decisions regarding location, menu and budget, are all dependent on the number of guests your will be inviting. Our advice, start early and follow these six pointers.

1. Create Two Lists

Start by writing down all the family and friends you’d like to have at your wedding, then split the list into two groups. Group-A having family and friends that you absolutely have to have and group-B having the rest of the invitees in order of importance. Even though this may seem a little harsh, it’s the best way to keep your guests organized. You’ll first send out invites to everyone on your A-list, and once you start to receive “regrets” you can send to guests on your B-list in order of importance.

2. Create Criteria For Cutting

With Covid right now, restrictions are being placed on the amount of people you’re allowed to have at organized gatherings. So if you were wanting to have a larger wedding, you will more than likely be faced with having to trim your guest list. We’ve made it easier for you by creating a chart that categorizes your guests. You can also set up rules such as; not inviting any children, deciding not to let your single friends bring a guest, cut all coworkers, or limit the list to only first cousins on both sides.

3. Mind The Budget

Keep in mind, the more guests you invite means the more money that will be spent on food and alcohol. There are ways to cut costs, but a larger guest count will mean you will have less to spend on other things such as flowers and decor.

4. Draft a List Early

Ideally, you should both get to invite the same number of guests. Then again, money talks. If either set of parents are footing part or all of the bill, you’re going to have to hear them out on who to invite. Whatever the number, figure it out fast.

5. Ignore The Guilt

Don’t feel bad not inviting every long-lost friend you’ve ever known since childhood. Your wedding isn’t the time to reunite with friends you haven’t seen in years. Only invite people who matter the most to you and were preferably within your social bubble during Covid.

6. Don’t Be Pressured

Remember this is your wedding and you need to stick to the boundaries you set. Don’t let your parents pressure you into increasing the guest-count or inviting people you don’t want to have. You need to abide to current gathering restrictions as well as the capacity limits of your venue.      

Creating your wedding guest list is not an easy task and now due to Covid deciding who to invite to your wedding can be even more complicated. With restrictions being put on gatherings, it can be tough to limit your guest list, which is why we’ve put together this chart to help make your decision a little easier.