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At the beginning of your engagement when you’re starting to plan your wedding, chances are the thought of hiring a wedding planner has probably crossed your mind. In this post we will go into detail about what exactly a wedding planner does as well as what are the benefits of hiring one. We will also discuss two completely different services that many wedding planners offer, full wedding planning vs. wedding day management.

But before we get into that, I want to start off by getting a huge misconception about wedding planners out of the way.


Now this may seem confusing because our job title literally has the term plan in it. So how is it that we don’t plan your wedding? Well it’s very simple. Having a wedding planner isn’t about having someone to make all your decisions. Instead it’s about having someone that will guide you through the wedding planning process. All of the decisions will be made by you, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to plan your wedding yourself. A wedding planner’s job is to help plan your wedding alongside you.

So what exactly does a wedding planner do?

Well as someone who plans weddings for a living, I can tell you that a wedding planner does a lot. So too quickly summarize, a wedding planner will recommend vendors to you, let you know when to do what, help you stick to your budget, tell you what to avoid, suggest things you may have forgotten… as well as be there on the day to make sure everything runs on schedule and meets your expectations. It all depends on the services you’ve hired them for, full wedding planning vs. wedding day management. So let me get into what both of those entail.


Full wedding planning is guidance in all aspects of the wedding planning process from to start to finish. Your planner will assist you in finding the right venue, recommend vendors, help you develop a budget as well as design a wedding style/ theme. They will manage all the vendors you choose to hire and will work as your liaison when communicating between you and your vendors.  

Even though your planner may provide you with suggestions and recommendations, you can still do your own research. The decision of where to have your wedding and whom you hire are yours. You will get to visit the venues your planner suggests, as well as meet with the vendors they recommend. It’s the knowledge, guidance and connections that your wedding planner has that will make all the difference from planning your wedding yourself.

Your planner will also provide you with services associated with wedding day management, which I will go into more detail in the next section. There are so many factors that go into planning a wedding. These are just a few of the things a wedding planner can do for you, if you decide to hire them for their full wedding planning service.


Wedding day management, also known as day/ month of coordination, is perfect for the couples who have planned everything themselves, but would like for a professional to come in and take the stress off of them the last few weeks leading up to their wedding. This service usually begins 4-6 weeks before your big day and will include reviewing all of the details you’ve already made to ensure your day is flawlessly executed. A wedding day coordinator will not assist you in any part of the planning process.

Once your coordinator’s work commences, they will introduce themselves to all your vendors and act as your liaison when communicating with them. They will confirm all the details for your wedding with your venue and vendors and create a wedding day timeline, which will notify each vendor of their start time or when items need to be delivered, set up and torn down. Your planner will have this timeline with them at all times on the day of your wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

The title of a wedding day coordinator can be a little deceiving because many couples assume you are just hiring them for the day. But in reality, a lot of work happens before the actual wedding date. A wedding planner, just like any other professional, prepares by doing work before hand, so that they can ensure that the wedding you’ve worked so hard to plan will be as perfect as you imagined.      


Chances are that you’ve attended a wedding but have never actually planned one yourself. So it’s ok to not know where to start. Seeking out help from someone who has been there and knows the ins and outs of planning a wedding will be super beneficial to you. In the long run, it will not only save you time but a lot of stress as well.

Whether you hire a planner to assist with planning your wedding from A to Z or just to manage the last bit of the process, they will be there on your wedding day to take responsibility of everything you’ve planned. You won’t have to worry about the wedding cake being delivered on time or setting out favors on the guest tables, this is the job of your planner. All that is required of you on your wedding day is to sit back, relax and enjoy.

Your wedding planner will become your best friend and by the end of the process you will be grateful to have had them by your side. If you are located in Toronto and are looking for a professional and experienced wedding planner who offers either full planning or wedding day management, feel free to send us a hello. We’d love to chat with you about your upcoming wedding!