They say your wedding day is one of the most stressful days in your life. The reason being, how many things you need to get done in a limited amount of time.

Photography will take up a big chunk of your day, and since you only get married once, you want to make sure your photographer captures all the pictures that are most important to you. Communicate with your photographer beforehand about what photos are your top priority and if possible provide them with a list of shots you would like.

As busy as you are planning your wedding, we understand writing up a shot list is the least of your concerns, which is why we’ve created this free resource for you to download. From detailed shots to family pictures, this list contains everything you would want your photographer to take during the eight hours they will be with you on your wedding day. 

Feel free to download and edit this detailed WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY CHECKLIST and make sure to give it to your photographer a few days before your wedding so he/she has time to review it.