Blog written by Margaret Bo. 

From the title, a question most people ask is why would I hire a wedding calligrapher? It might seem unnecessary to you or even sound luxurious to most but there are valid reasons a wedding couple might decide to do so:

1. Guest’s First Impression

I view weddings as a huge gathering where you invite relatives, friends and other people that you haven’t seen for ages. So how do you first connect with them? YES! Your wedding invitation! Imagine wedding invitation that is generic, printing mass production and with labels on the envelopes, that won’t really set the excitement for your guests. In the digital world there is nothing like receiving handwritten mail.

2. Good Etiquette

Your wedding day is one of the many important days of your life and it should be treated accordingly. Your guests might not remember what shoes you wore or what chair they sat in, but the wedding invitation is a tangible that your guests will receive, and it sets the very first impression of your wedding.

We are trained to write as a calligrapher, so your guests will feel special when they see their name written beautifully on the invitation.

3. Time Saver

A small size wedding ranges from 50-100 guests and a bigger one can be 500+ guests. Do you know how much work is it to address those envelopes? I can quickly do a time calculation for you. Assume it takes 1 minute for alignment and 1 minute to write the address, 2-minute x 100 envelopes become 200 minutes and that’s only doing the addressing part. What about doing the personal touch like inserting the whole invitation suite into the envelope, putting on the ribbons and applying a wax seal etc.

There are also other projects in the wedding like seating charts, place card, table number, menus, ceremony program, vow books, signage etc.

We already have experience doing all these as a calligrapher. We specialize in stationery assembly work and wedding day décor. Therefore, hiring a calligrapher will take this burden from you just like how you hire a wedding planner. When comparing the calligrapher fees to your other vendors it might perhaps be one of the least expensive vendors on the list.

In the end, hiring a wedding calligraphy will make your guests feel special, it adds the personal touch to your big day so why not? Sit back and enjoy your wedding day and let the professional handle all the technical stuff!


Margaret is the creator behind Sincerely.Bo, a Toronto based boutique design studio specializing in custom lettering and calligraphy. She provides calligraphy and hand engraving services for events, brands and workshops.

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