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Commitment Ceremonies are a wedding trend that is picking up due to the postponement of weddings from COVID-19. With so many couples having to postpone their weddings to a later date, waiting a whole other year until they can tie the knot can be very disappointing. To honour their original wedding date many couples are considering having a non-legally binding commitment ceremony. Different from eloping, commitment ceremonies are a public affirmation of a couple’s devotion to one another that does not require an officiant.

In today’s day and age with technology at our fingertips, it’s easy for us to have a virtual commitment ceremony. Create a ZOOM meeting for your original wedding date and invite your closest family and friends. Dress up for the occasion and from the comfort of your home, recite your vows in front of your virtual guests. Throw a virtual reception afterwards where you can have your first dance and cut into a mini wedding cake. Before the end of the ZOOM call, ask your guests to have a glass of wine or champagne ready so that they can all toast to you as a couple.

Writing the Invite

Below is a sample email of what you can send to your guests informing them of the virtual event: 

Please join us
as we honour our original wedding date
with a Commitment Ceremony


John Doe and Jane Doe


Saturday, June 5th at 4 p.m.
Zoom Meeting 

Meeting ID:



A virtual reception will immediately follow the ceremony

 Join us in raising a glass together!


Planning Your Virtual Event

Virtual commitment ceremonies are a simple event you can put together yourselves. If you would prefer though, you could hire a wedding planner to help coordinate all the logistics. If you’re located in Toronto and are considering doing something like this, feel free to send us a hello! Whether you decide to celebrate your original wedding date in front of your family and friends or simply keep it between the of you, make your day a special one!